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加上更多 有聲套書

加上更多有聲套書 作者: 閻張梅著/ 閻昱星英譯 加上更多 More Beyond 女性如何在家庭和世界中成功? How a Woman Succeeds in Her Home and in the World? 隨書附贈作者心靈分享MP3,好讀又好聽 Easy reading and easy listening with an accompanying MP3 全書中英逐頁對照 ,兩代享讀,齊學雙語 Side-by-side Chinese and English translations, for different generations learning languages side-by-side 閻張梅著/ 閻昱星英譯 Author: May Yen/English Translator: Blessing Yen 人生的階段,就如同彩虹的顏色,每一層都有它獨特的美麗。不論你現在的年齡在哪一層,都是最好的年齡,都能擁有那獨一無二的光鮮色彩。 相信這本書能引發你,為自己做出最好的生涯規劃。請你讀完每一篇文章後,都進入「祝福等你拿」的那一頁,那是真正要送給你的禮物。 如果你的孩子只會英文,這本書是很好的媒介,為成長於不同文化中的兩代人,搭起彼此之間思想的橋樑,「了解」總是建立「好關係」的基石,不是嗎? The stages of a person’s life are like the colors of the rainbow – every layer has its own distinct beauty. No matter what age you are, you are right now in your greatest life stage. My hope is that, through this book, I can impel you to live your life earnestly and make every day count in an eternal light. At the end of each article, please make sure to linger a few moments on the “Blessings for the Taking” page, for that is my greatest gift to you. If you have children who speak only English, you might also discover that this book is a great medium for bridging the thinking between your generations – mutual understanding is always the first step towards a strong relationship! 加上更多 More Beyond MP3,共12集 閻凱毅、閻張梅著,凱毅、張梅、田薇、范玲播講

    加上更多 有聲套書

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