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About Family Keepers 


According to a report from the United Nations at the end of the 20th century, the most serious social crisis human beings are facing is the broken family. The Bible warned us a long time ago that if parents' hearts are not for their children, and children's hearts are not for their parents, then the whole earth will be cursed. This is the time to urge people to turn their attention to focus on their families.


The main goals of Family Keepers are to provide effective and specific expertise services, cooperate with churches and related organizations and experts in the field, and help individuals and their descendants to keep the love in their families.


Our Main Activities

●  Family Ministries

  • Pre-Marriage Ministry

  • Marriage Ministry

  • Parenting Ministry

  • Single Parent Family Ministry

  • Fatherhood Ministry

  • Midlife Ministry

  • Senior Ministry

  • Long Distance Family Ministry

  • Regimen in Family Ministry

  • Addiction Ministry

  • Family Mentor Ministry

  • Family & Workplace Ministry

  • Family EQ Ministry

  • Family Tour Ministry

  • Family Cinema Ministry

  • Family Mission Ministry


●  Publishing

  • Family Keepers Magazine

  • Writing Camp

  • Education/training materials

●  Counseling

  • Premarital Counseling 

  • Couples Counseling 

  • Parental Counseling

We would like you to: 

  • Get a copy of our magazine

  • Be part of our team

  • Discuss potential opportunities

We need you to:

  • Volunteer

  • Pray for us

  • Support us financially

Family Keepers is a non-profit organization.  Our operating budget depends solely on your contributions.  All contributions are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.  All personal information will be strictly protected and will never be shared with third parties.



How to contact us:


Phone and Email

Pastor Yeh:

Pastor Hu:
Pastor Su:

Tel:                     (909) 595-6777

Mailing Address

Family Keepers
20672 Carrey Road
Walnut, CA 91789

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